Casual Wear Product Line

Black and White Strips - CAS014

Casual Black and White Strips top

Black and White Skirt - CAS015

Casual black and white skirt

Black and White Pant - CAS016

Casual black and white strips pant

Black Top - CAS017

Casual black top with a printed image

Black Top White Lace - CAS018

Casual black top with white lace design

Black Top Lion Design - CAS019

Casual black top with a lion's face design

Silky Shirt - CAS020

Casual Silky Shirt  with black & white strips and red stars.

Pink Short Dress - CAS021

Casual Pink Silky Cotton dress.

Marilyn Monroe Pink Shirt - CAS022

Marilyn Monroe Pink Casual Shirt

Pink Top - CAS023

Casual Pink Top

LV White Top - CAS024

Casual white LV Top

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